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"Teddy is my favorite effects guitar player."

    -Adrian Belew


"Teddy is a soulful and creative muso.."

    -Marshall Crenshaw


Teddy has a great talent on the instrument... His work as a guitarist, music-maker, soundmaker continues to grow and expand. He's playing is better than ever!!!”


    -Steve Khan


Teddy is the best of both worlds! He can read any chart you throw at him, but not at the expense of being a great collaborator. He always brings a musical and sonic depth to the track. Adding to this his almost nerdy computer skills, it's not surprising that he has played on every score of mine or the past several years.”

    -Alex Wurman

    film composer “March of the Penguins” “Anchorman” “Taladega Nights” “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” “Run, Fat Boy, Run”


"Teddy Kumpel is an irreplaceable part of the New York music community. He has his own unmistakable voice as a guitarist, singer, engineer, and producer and is as flexible and experienced a musician as I've ever seen. He's really kind of a freak; full of ideas but with a ton of patience and clarity"

    -Tony Scherr


“Teddy K. always serves up a T.K.O.  wigged out musical journey full of surprises and soul.  I'm always interested in hearing what he is laying down..  Dig on it!!”

   -Shawn Pelton


Facebook Fan reviews

Nomar Negroni nearly had me in tears. Holy s^%$ that cat can play. Of course James Genus was amazing, seems like he popped out of the womb with that bass in his hands and Teddy Kumpel's gentle leading, playfulness and song-like form provided an amazing path down which these three journeyed. Thanks for the inspiration, guys.”

- Kalen Lister

Teddy plays the guitar as if he's driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini--he gets sounds from the guitar that even the guitar didn't know it had!

- Linda Cacciatore Bolton - Cozy Cabin Concerts


Aaron Comess’ album ‘Blues for Use’ reviews

“Guitarist Teddy Kumpel  pole-vaults over Comess’ sky-high musical bar with finesse.”

Peter Hund - May 21st, 2014


Aaron Comess’ album ‘Beautiful Mistake’ reviews

“first class”

“has his way with your ears”

“funky and full of a bubbling energy.  The exceptional guitar work here is punctuated by rhythms and sounds that begin by distracting and slowly enmesh themselves into the creation that is the song”

“What will really catch your ear here is the phrasing on the guitar, which transcends technical competence to that thing they call "touch" or "feel". “


“The impishly creative Kumpel is lost in a space-age blues, then in a soaring prog-rock excursion, then in a sawing, almost angry psychedelia.”


May 22, 2011 By Nick DeRiso