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PedalRacks / Pedalboards.com

Master pedalboard builder Tom Peck has been making pedalboards for me since 1993. His attention to detail and neatness is second to none. Straight up the guy is a genius. He makes all kind of little boxes that make dreams come true. Don’t like your wah to be stuck in one place in the chain, get Tom’s flip flopper. http://pedalboards.com/new_page_2.htm

and it goes on... check him out, you won’t be sorry.

Creation Audio Labs

This company is a high end audio company that also makes some great guitar pedals. They make the Holy Fire pedal which I use as my main distortion box. It is unlike any Overdrive pedal I’ve ever heard. really natural and really sounds like an amp breaking up... because, well, it is an amp breaking up.

Mono Cases

these guys make super slick gig bags and backpacks for all your music travel needs. I love the waterproof smart design. I own 3 of their gig bags and love them.

The Gig Easy

The Gig Easy is a company that makes very excellent iPad mounting hardware and also very excellent iPad notation software. I use both their hardware and software in various applications.

Pigtronix - Futuristic Audio Technology

Pigtronix will never make a pedal that someone else made. No Klones will be found in their arsenal. Instead you’ll find a wide range of pedals that do things no other pedals do. I use the Infinity Looper, Echolution2, Philosopher’s Rock, Fat Drive and Quantum pedals. I love how low noise they are and how aggressively original they sound. Versatile and one of a kind, that’s Pigtronix.

Supro Amps

The other white meat of American amplifiers. That’s what Supro amps were when they were originally made in the 60‘s. Then the company shut it’s doors and Jimmy Page made them famous by using the Thunderbolt amp on Led Zepplin albums. 45 years later, super genius David Koltai, of Pigtronix fame, buys the Supro name and starts making recreations of the old amps AND new designs. These new Supro amps are super bad!!! I am very lucky to have a relationship with this company because when I play through these amps I feel my tone is exactly where I want it to be.

My favorite is the Tremo-Verb, a 25 watt with luscious reverb and tremolo, a little tone monster.


Dr. Steam Whipple, the mad scientist behind the Whipple wah inductor and Whipple wah... and now Whipple amps... is a one of a kind awesome dude who takes pride in everything he does and makes excellent products. I’ve got Whipple inductors (similar sounding to the old inductors found in the original cry babys) in all my wah pedals and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

D’Addario and Planet Waves

I’ve been using D’Addario strings from the beginning... that’s all the way back to Prehistoric times. I’ve tried others and ran back to D’Addario screaming for mommy. They truly make the best strings. On top of that I have Planet Waves Auto-Trim locking tuners on all my guitars. They make life easy because they clip the string for you and keep you from having wires sticking out of the end of you guitar.