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Teddy Kumpel - music educator


Teddy Kumpel is an alumnus of the University of Miami Studio Music and Jazz program, a respected producer/mixer who regularly contributes to NYC's fertile indie rock and jazz scenes, a guitarist extraordinaire with more than 20 major motion pictures, 20 plus major label records and extensive touring experience to his credit. He is also an EMI music publishing staff writer. Aside from all that, Teddy produced a record for the kids band "Creation" in 2005 that raised $100,000 to build a school in Mali, Africa and led the group to become part of the Clinton Global initiative, Do Something, Three Dot Dash and We Are Family Foundation.

Teddy Kumpel is available for private lessons in:

* guitar

* songwriting and recording

  1. *improv and composition

  2. *Pro Tools tutoring

  1. *beginners to advanced welcome

* Tailored to meet your individual needs, whether it’s just learning songs for fun or delving deeper into music theory

  1. *Access to professional recording facilities during your lesson whether it's just to take home a recording of the lesson or learning how to record your own song.

click here to inquire about private lessons