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This is the rig I use on stage for my looping jam gigs. The Boss RC-50 sooper dooper 3 phrase looper, pictured just above, sends a click to the drummer’s headphones so we can keep all the loops in sync. Also, that way I don’t have to start a song with a funky loop for time keeping purposes. Freedom is good. I wouldn’t want to be locked into making something rhythmic at the start of every song.. That board, put together by Tom Peck (more on him later) has a Boss experession pedal on the right, which gets translated to midi by a Midi Solutions Pedal Controller box so I can control the currently selected loop’s output level. There are 2 Roland dual footswitches velcro-ed to the top of the RC-50 to control extra functions like clear, reverse, overdub mode and all start/stop. A Boss AB switch on the upper right turns off the output of the guitar loops. A pedalboards.com custom on/off switch for the microphone is mounted behind the expression pedal. The ins and outs are stereo on the RC-50, the right side being guitar and the left side being P.A. That way my mic and little collection of toys (pictured below) go into the PA directly instead of a guitar amp, which provides better clarity.

On the upper left is my main pedalboard. In that board are (from right to left) bottom row: Dunlop Mister Super Cry baby, Keeley Compressor, Boss Super Shifter, Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octave Fuzz (discontinued), Fulltone OCD, MXR ’74 Vintage Phase 90, MXR Carbon Copy Delay. on the left behind the Carbon Copy delay is a custom MINI Bigfoot Electronics Magnavibe. On the right behind the Dunlop Wah is a Sonic Research ST-200 real analog strobe tuner.Just to the left of the tuner is a Midi Solutions Midi thru box to split the midi signal going to the M-13 and RC-50 from the MP-201. On the far left/back is a custom made box with an A/B switch (to choose between RC-50 out and regular amp out), reverb and tremolo switches. Those custom boxes are made by my friend Tom Peck at pedalboards.com. He is a heck of a guy and master craftsman. He has made many pedalboards for me over the years.

The big black thing in the middle of the main board is a Line6 M13. The M13 has four of Line 6’s stomp box modelers a looper and reverb all in one unit. It’s an amazing piece of gear. There’s like 100 different efx in there. The Boss RC-50 sends midi beat clock to the M-13, that way if I program a delay or something that I want to be in time with the music it is always locked to the tempo of the RC-50. I use the M-13’s looper for more ambient loops. it has a half speed function, which makes it perfect for getting some fun high pitched squirrely sounds going in the background.

To the right of the main pedalboard is a Moog MP-201 Multi Pedal. This thing is the bomb. It can be 4 expression pedals in one box, a program changer, an LFO driver for any effect and much more... it’s a real control freak pedal, made by Moog, so it’s super high quality. I use it to control overall volume of the RC-50, the Boss PS-5 and the M-13.

For recording I use a Line 6 X3 Live, that I borrowed from my good friend Saul Zonana, as an amp simulator and general efx. Check out Saul’s gear page for an even more insane guitar rig than mine. I used to think amp simulation was bullshite, but the X3 live is so convincing that I have used it on an entire record without firing up an amp. Also, I can plug my Line 6 Variax into it directly, which helps the sound of them. I still own a bunch of amps and use them, but if I am out of my house for a session I always take the X3 Live.


This freaky little scene happens on a music stand that clips onto a mic stand that is mounted on my looper board (another genius invention of Tom Peck). velcro-ed to that is: Yamaha Portasound 7 keyboard, Line 6 Verbzilla, Rolls MiniMix AV, CB mic with built in Echo (you can’t see that one) a drink holder with a kazoo and a chromatic harmonica in it, and my iPhone which I use for beats and drones believe it or not. All powered by a Godlyke PowerAll that is plugged into the looper board.


G.A.S. = Gear Acquisition Syndrome... Caution: may cause bloating, especially around the garage area.


simplifying, yet expanding possibilities: The Infinity Looper gives me more flexibility than the old Boss style looper and the the Kieth McMillen Softstep gives me access to all the midi features of the Infinity. So much fun!